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Launching a new business in the US?

We help every step of the way.

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Pre Formation

We’ll help you choose what type of company fits your business needs as well as how to best authorize, issue and vest your shares.

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We'll walk you through the process of forming your company step by step, answering every question you may have along the way.

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Post Formation

What if you had all your company’s important info - from the numbers, addresses, legal documents and important deadlines - all in one place? That's your dashboard.

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Give us some info, we do the rest.

Stellar Formation handles the entire business formation process for you, so you can get down to business.

We will help you:

  • choose which type of company is right for you
  • set up the company
  • split equity
  • protect your IP
  • get your EIN

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Don’t know anything about the legal stuff?

No worries. We have answers for you.

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Our interactive form will walk you through the process of forming your company step by step, answering every question you have along the way.

If you need more help, we’ll put you in touch with our wonderful in-house lawyer who can offer you personalized guidance.

Try it, it’s educational and fun too!

Additional services

Access a lawyer on demand

Our in-house lawyer will answer any questions you may have and help you with special requests.

Sign paperwork electronically

No need to print or sign physical paperwork, we generate all paperwork electronically and have you sign online. You can then download the paperwork at any time from your dashboard.

Your personal business dashboard

Log back to Stellar Formation at any time to access a personal dashboard with all the key information for your business - from your EIN, to PDFs of the legal documents, filing deadlines - it’s all neatly in one place.

.Inc or LLC

Stellar Formation will help you form either a Delaware corporation or a Delaware LLC. This covers the needs of most startups, whether you intend to run a small profitable business or raise money from outside investors.

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