I want to form a:


Recommended for Brick & Mortar and Creative Companies based in NY (stores, restaurants, creative agencies, filmmakers/artists).

Delaware LLC

Recommended for service companies (ecommerce, consulting, design, developers) that don’t have a fixed physical location.

Delaware C-Corp

Recommended for companies who expect to look for investors to scale up and go through several rounds of financing; i.e. the traditional startup model.

Pay $599 once, it covers it all.

YOU PAY $599

Fees (no getting around it, goes straight to state)


Bylaws and Board Resolutions

(important documents to have your company structured in the right way and make sure you are protected from litigation and debt)


Equity split and vesting

so your partnership starts on the right foot


IP assignment to company

so the company owns your IP, and can be better protected


Certificate of Formation

the official documentation proving your company is formed


Admin cost

e-signature software use, physical mail handling and scanning (to handle state paperwork and certificate)



Is required by law. We offer NY publishing fee at a big discount. Other people charge $800-1200 for it. The process will take 12 to 14 weeks, but it will not affect your day to day business. You don’t have to wait for publication to run your business - open a bank account, sign contracts, pay people etc.